The U.S. Dollar is facing a cross-road where it could emerge victorious or it could collapse. The financial authorities like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), or the Federal Reserve (Fed) have done very little to reactivate the economy. The US Economic Data changes dramatically signaling a lack of balance in our monetary system, while countries like China depreciate their currency, effectively declaring economic war.

Still, most investors seek the safety of the US dollar when storm-clouds emerge, as the dollar has been the preeminent global reserve currency for most of the century. and its position as the world's preferred reserve-currency is undeniable. Yet, one of the striking changes in the global economy over the past decade and a half is the rising importance of emerging market economies, but the global financial crisis broke conventional views about the amount of reserves an economy needs to protect itself from the effects of global crises. It's up to you to get the information you need to secure your financial future, because everything that happens in the economic world, sooner or later will affect your pocket.

US Dollar and Markets News

Leeds and Burnley write to the Premier League asking them to investigate Everton's finances
Leeds and Burney have stepped up the pressure on the Premier League to investigate Everton's finances, writing to the governing body to ask that ...
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Burnley and Leeds United make Premier League demand over Everton finances - Liverpool Echo
Burnley and Leeds United are said to have written to the Premier League urging it to instruct Everton to keep all data relating to their finances.
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Get Microsoft Office for Windows and 3 Top Finance Courses - Entrepreneur
Every entrepreneur should have something of a finance education. You don't need to be ready to jump into the throes of Wall Street any time soon, ...
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Gemini season: 2022 beauty, finance, fitness and more trends - New York Post
Take a deep dive into global trends and predictions for what's hot'and what's not in Fashion, Music, Fitness, Hair, & Finance (Cryptocurrency ...
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10 ways tech can save you money: Find cheaper gas, lower utility bills or free entertainment
With inflation at a 40-year high, we're paying more for just about everything. The good news is tech can save you money ' both short and long ...
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Inflation forces consumers to find ways to save money on groceries | WJAC
But what ways are some customers saving money' "Well, we're seeing quite the prices are increased a good bit. We try to shop wisely.
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Waterbury Firefighters Shave Heads to Raise Money for Kids With Cancer - NBC Connecticut
Firefighters do a lot of heroic acts through their work, and now, Waterbury Local 1339 is stepping up in another way to help kids with cancer.
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Providence finalizes plan to invest $124M in federal COVID money |
Providence finalizes plan to invest $124M in federal COVID money ... PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) ' Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza signed a spending plan for ...
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Seffner community raising money for family that lost home in fire | WFLA
Seffner community banding togather to raise money for family who lost everything in house fire.
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1 person in critical condition after cousins fight over money - WAPT
Officials confirmed the victim is Weekly's cousin. The altercations started as a fight over bill money. The victim was transported to a local hospital ...
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Immigration News: During last month's address to Congress, Trump said he wanted to move toward a merit-based system for legal immigration.While America has a number of short-term visa programs for skilled foreigners, the bulk of immigrant visas - those with a direct path to permanent residency - are awarded on the basis of a family relationship. There are an estimated 800,000-plus illegal migrants living in LA. The city decided back in 1979 that its police would not cooperate with federal immigration agencies and the LAPD ended the practice of stopping people exclusively to find out about their legal status. This policy has been maintained by both Democratic and Republican administrations. READ MORE HERE

Corporate News: Just a few days after being sworn in as president, Donald J. Trump convened a meeting at the White House of some of the nation’s most prominent chief executives to discuss how to improve manufacturing. Mr. Trump was joined by Elon Musk of Tesla, Mark Fields of Ford, Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical, Marillyn A. Hewson of Lockheed Martin and Michael Dell of Dell, among others . READ MORE HERE


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