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Asos asks suppliers for 3% discount in effort to repair finances
The online fashion retailer Asos has asked its suppliers for 3% discount on the clothes and accessories it buys from them, as the company struggles to ...
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Money Talks: How a new couple handles their shared finances
They aren't married and have only been dating a year, but they've decided to pool finances on several major expenses. Here's how and why they did it ...
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Rich Man's Shekel Problem Doesn't Worry Israeli Finance Minister
(Bloomberg) -- For Israel's finance minister, the shekel's appreciation this year is more a compliment than a burden. Moshe Kahlon is unfazed even as ...
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UK Point of Sale Finance Market Analysis, Historical Trends and Drivers During the Five Year ...
Also known as retail finance, in-store credit or store instalment credit, it refers to loans provided by, or on behalf of, a retailer to enable a consumer to ...
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Rupee falls to over 6-month lows against US dollar: 5 things to know
The rupee (INR) fell sharply today against the US dollar (USD) today, ending at ... Lower U.S. interest rates put pressure on the dollar and bond yields.
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MSC announces new rates from Asia to Europe
MSC announces the following freight rates as from September 1st, 2019 until further notice ... PORT QASIM: USD 125 / 20DV ' USD 165 / 40'DV-HC.
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Rupee Declines By 34 Paise Against Dollar Amid Rising Oil Prices
The rupee declined by as much as 34 paise - or 0.53 per cent - against the US dollar on Tuesday, a day after closing at a more than six-month low of 71.43. ... Some banks have linked rates for new loans to retail and MSME (medium ...
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USD/EUR spread compression trade seems to be alive and kicking ' Nordea
'But this is not a green light for USD depreciation pressure as the rate spread is not a particularly good predictor of EUR/USD spot moves. We have a ...
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