2016 Economic data

United States Economic Growth

Growth will slow this year, with higher interest rates, fading fiscal stimulus and lower global growth weighing on activity. However, a strong labor market and solid wage gains should support private spending. An all-out escalation of the trade war with China is by far the largest downside risk, with trade uncertainty likely to persist even if a deal is reached going forward. FocusEconomics panelists see GDP expanding 2.4% in 2019, which is unchanged from last month’s estimate, and 1.7% in 2020.

United States Economy Data

Population (million)317319321324326
GDP per capita (USD)52,73754,65756,41157,55959,501
GDP (USD bn)16,69217,42818,12118,62419,391
Economic Growth (GDP, annual variation in %)
Domestic Demand (annual variation in %)
Consumption (annual variation in %)
Investment (annual variation in %)
Exports (G&S, annual variation in %)
Imports (G&S, annual variation in %)
Industrial Production (annual variation in %)2.03.1-1.0-1.91.6
Retail Sales (annual variation in %)
Unemployment Rate7.
Fiscal Balance (% of GDP)-4.1-2.8-2.4-3.1-3.4
Public Debt (% of GDP)104104105107106
Money (annual variation in %)
Inflation Rate (CPI, annual variation in %, eop)
Inflation Rate (CPI, annual variation in %)
Inflation (PPI, annual variation in %)1.41.6-
Policy Interest Rate (%)
Stock Market (annual variation in %)26.57.5-2.213.425.1
Current Account (% of GDP)-2.1-2.1-2.4-2.4-2.4
Current Account Balance (USD bn)-349.5-373.8-434.6-451.7-466.3
Trade Balance (USD billion)-700.5-749.9-761.9-751.1-807.5

2016 US Economic Data

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Current Numbers
  • 4th quarter 2016: 1.9 percent
  • 3rd quarter 2016: 3.5 percen
Personal Income
Current Numbers
  • December 2016: 0.3 percent (personal income)
  • November 2016: 0.1 percent (personal income)
U.S. Balance of Payments (International Transactions)
Current Account Balance:
  • 3rd quarter 2016: -$113.0 billion
  • 2nd quarter 2016: -$118.3 billion
International Investment Position
Net International Investment Position at End of Period:
  • End of 3rd quarter 2016: -$7,781.1 billion
  • End of 2nd quarter 2016: -$8,026.9 billion
International Trade in Goods and Services
Trade Balance:
  • December 2016: -$44.3 billion
  • November 2016: -$45.7 billion

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